PHOTOGRAPHY DECATHLON is a 2 day team photography competition that gets people out exploring beautiful places and enjoying the creative process of photography.


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The beginnings of Photography Decathlon were back in 2012 when Scott Jarvie (creator of the Photography Decathlon) hosted a multi day photowalk where dozens of photographers came to Utah from around the world to a unique event called the festival of colors. For several days before the event he took the photographers to lakes, rivers, sand dunes, the best architecture and city life in the state. As he did it he thought about how impressive it is for a photographer to use their skills across the board no matter the style of photography also how interesting it was that so many photographers went to the exact same place or events and yet saw the world so differently and created such unique images. Combine that with the idea of what would motivate photographers to do their best and make the event even more enjoyable and worth while. This started the idea of the photography decatlon.

It would be put on hold for about 2 years as Jarvie worked on another project living on the road and traveling to all 50 states working on a couple of books of religious buildings.

In 2015 he picked up the event again. He had spent hundreds of hours on the road contemplating it in the previous years.

In spring of 2015 the first event was a small group of friends to make sure it would work as plan and be received as expected. It was a hit among the photographers that participated and so a larger event with a uploading and judging system was created for the second larger yet still invite only event in the fall of that year. There were now many other people helping with the planning of that event. Scaling the event larger worked well and it was decided that in 2016 would be the first public photography decathlon.


The photography decathlon will move to other states and eventually other countries. 2017 will be the first large national events.

If you'd like to be involved or want this event in your state or city let us know