wasatch mountain state park

Region: Utah
Subject: Midway Utah
Categories: #Landscape #Plant


This state park has some beautiful Golf Courses and hugs the east side of some of the Wasatch mountains with roads that turn into dirt roads that go far up into the mountains.


This area includes a large section of the state park and focuses on the main that lead up into the mountains past the golf course. Those roads may not all be open at all times and eventually turn into dirt roads. You can go as far back as is possible along the roads and then may walk the roads if you see fit if they are close to car traffic.
Note that there are fees for this park The main section of this park has a large gold course and lots of camping spots. You can take pictures of the course from many angles but of course don't go on the golf course un-invited. At the front of the park is a beautiful pond with some great views behind it. There are more great views the further you go into the park including some dirt roads at the very back. As you go back not all of that is state park land and some of it may even be private property.


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