Alpine loop - Provo canyon to Trailhead

Region: Utah
Subject: Alpine loop scenic byway
Categories: #Landscape #Plant #Night #Animal


This area has aspen and maple groves, great mountain views and lots of winding roads. It also encorporates the area of Sundance.


This area hugs the road from above sundance to a bit past the Timpanogos trailhead. There are many great views from the road just be careful and pull off where possible there are lots of people on the road taking in the views.

If you go to the trailhead or past it there is a fee and it can be closed with bad weather or during lots of the year
This road has amazing views of what is considered the back of Timpanogos Mountain. The roads have lots of curves but provide some great views. There are more obstructions to the views the closer you are to sundance or aspen grove but still plenty of opportunities. Be careful while driving these roads and look for safe turn offs so you can get out and take pictures. Starting at the trailhead there are entrance fees and past the trailhead is closed for much of the year because of snow. There are lots of aspen groves along the route and up on the mountains but there are also lots of oak trees as well.


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