Squaw Peak Overlook

Region: Utah
Subject: Squaw Peak Road, Provo
Categories: #Cityscape #Landscape #Night


Squaw peak overlook is an area near the actual squaw peak and has a paved road all the way to a small parking lot with views of all of Utah County.


The best views are at the parking lot and along the ridge line. This covers all that and part of the road leading up to it and a small optional path leading south.
Perhaps the best views are in the evenings when the city is lit up or you have a perfect view of the sunset. The plant life around this area is usually small scrub oak there are not a lot of large trees. But those oaks get really colorful earlier in the fall. It's not a long drive from provo but it is a winding road so be careful on the way up and at the top you also see great views of Mt Timpanogos to the north of your location.


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